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How Golf BPM Works

  • Watch a quick video
  • Pick the genre of music you want to swing to
  • Find the beat and time that best suits your goal for your personal swing
  • Play our beats while practicing, in your cart, in your house, or rolling in your ride

Sample Track

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Lift Me Up @ 144 BPM
Our sample song is for Drivers - 5 Irons
Start your swing on the "One" count
Start your downswing on the "Two" count
Impact the ball on the "Three" count
Mute the counting with the mute button

The App


Doug Timmons - Golf BPM Founder/CEO
PGA Class A Member
Instructor at Encinitas Ranch Golf Course Since 1998
Founder & CEO of 18 GREENS Apparel Company, Inc.
12 Years Coaching High School Varsity Golf
Founded the Encinitas Ranch Junior Golf Program
2004 PGA Youth Leader of the year award
Golf BPM Founder/CTO Jeremy Callahan
Mobile Architect, Developer & Marketer
Full Stack Software Engineer Since 1998
Mobile Developer Since 2011
Developed Apps for IBM, AMEX, Universal & Safeway
Founder & CEO of Shoe Swipe
MBA - Computer Information Systems 2003


Everyone has their own pace and rhythm to their golf swing. Some are quicker and others are slower but regardless of speed, all the top professionals in the world swing at the same perfect tempo every swing.

Golf BPM music was created so a player of any skill level can develop the same perfect tempo by simply timing their swing to our original music.

In the past Doug Timmons (PGA Class A member) has tried using metronomes to help students with timing and sequence. Although this can be very effective students found it very boring and just can’t relate to that hard tone, let alone listen to over and over.

So he created Golf BPM to make your practice fun and more effective. With beats so good you will actually play them when you are rollin in your car or in your cart. The beats are so effective that you can listen to them before, during and after a round so that you’re always in the zone.

Music makes your body move… Is our tag line because sequence and timing play major roll in both golf and music.

A great DJ knows how to make people move and keep them moving by playing seamless music that flows from one track to the next. Our goal is to bring this same philosophy to your practice with beats that will keep your body moving in the perfect time and rhythm.