8 Tips for Re-opening Your Golf Course

Is your course ready to re-open? Most course have been doing nothing but keeping up their mowing schedule during the shelter in place.

I have been driving 2 hours to Sacramento weekly to play golf throughout the shelter in place. Here are some things that you need to implement immediately to be ready to re-open your course.

  1. Empower the Starter – You should be able to run your course with the starter only.
Golf BPM How to Re-open Your Golf Course

Torrey Pines has a starter station separate from the pro shop. That area has a glass window that separates the starter from the golfers. You can pay through a tiny opening just like a movie theater.

It’s time for you to separate the starter from the golf shop and process payments through that location.

2. Be Prepared for Mass Volume – The courses that are open right now are packed. I’m talking from sunup to sundown foursomes. When you are allowed to open be ready to handle the surge from day one.

3. Book & Pay Online Only – You need to get an online booking and payment in place now. If your course is not ready to take online payments, you need to implement Venmo (or similar) immediately.

Ideally people book and pay online all at once. If they have to pay at the course, they can Venmo you. There is no need for a swipe or to go into the golf shop right now.

4. Sell Less Tee Times / Charge a Premium / Limit Group Size – Your state, county and city might impose restrictions so be prepared for these. If you have to charge more money to make ends meet, then do so.

5. Golf Carts Limits – If you have to limit carts to one person you are going to sell out before 10am. I’d recommend that you do not allow any carts for people unless they are handicap. If you cannot walk… to bad! Golf is a sport.

6. Food & Beverages – People can bring their own. Pro golfers do not stop at the turn for a hot dog and neither should you. If you want food, pack a lunch. And stop with that stupid “No outside beverages” rule while you’re at it.

7. Flip the Cups / Keep the Pin In / No Rakes – All the cups should be upside down. This way golfers do not have to reach their hand way down the cup to get their balls out.

8. Contact Local City Council Members – If you are a general manager or head pro you should be contacting your government and suggesting best practices around re-opening your course.

9. Announce Your New Rules – Email and post on social media your new rules and pricing when the course re-opens. Get signage for the course as needed.

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