Golf Music Now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple and Many More!

Golf BPM Music Streaming

Golf BPM Swing Tempo Music is now available on over 10 music streaming services including iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify and many more. They have initially rolled out all their putting & chipping music. Each song is at 131 beats per minute and is timed to create a perfect 2 to 1 ratio for a golfer’s short game and putting swings.

“Our main delivery method for our music is our iPhone and Android mobile App. But we wanted to get our music out on all the streaming services to touch more golfers and provide another method to discover and listen to our music.” says Golf BPM CTO, Jeremy Callahan.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a 2-foot putt, 40-foot putt or 30-yard chip… When it comes to chipping and putting the best players in the world all have a consistent 2:1 ratio on these shots.” Says Golf BPM founder and PGA member Doug Timmons. “I was able to figure out the exact sequencing, and then created music that meets that timing.”

The initial release includes eight putting & chipping songs. Every song includes the voice over counting 1, 2, 3. Golfer can time their swing to the counts by starting their swing on the 1, starting their downswing on the 2 and making impact on the 3 count.

Golfers can get a full version of the App which is available in iTunes and Google Play. Within the App there are over 100 songs, 4 stations and 4 different swing speeds (BPM’s) to swing to. It offers a 7-day free trial on monthly and annual subscription or users can purchased as a lifetime membership.

Links to Music:


Apple Music

iHeart Radio

Google Play


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Top Golf Bridging Music and Golf

In September I went to Top Golf for the very first time in Las Vegas. In addition to the four-story hitting bay I was shocked to see all the other areas the venue included. The two things that stood out the most were the live music venue and the two-story pool. The interior is a cross between a sports bar and night club.

The setup looked like they could host a pool party, DJ’s and bands. And that is exactly what they are doing. The most notable bands coming through is Sublime with Rome and in April they will be hosting the Academy of Country Music Lifting Lives event featuring Darius Rucker and Rascal Flatts. In addition to that, the Vegas location also has a comedy club.

Golf BPM Music and Top Golf

The second Top Golf location with a live music venue is Nashville. The Nashville location has a dedicated 600-person venue called “The Cowan”. Most shows are standing room only (the VIP area in the balcony has some seating options). There isn’t a bad sightline in the house, and with one main bar and two satellite bars, the drinks flow fast.

Since opening the venue has hosted a wide range of talent from Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Los Lobos, Charles Kelle and George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars. In addition to these the venue hosts local talent weekly as well.

I’m a big fan of what Top Golf is doing to grow the game of golf. Not with just the music venues’ but getting casual and new people to get exposed to the game. They are attracting people through corporate events, and their expansion into baseball and football stadiums are exposing new players to the game. Sure, it’s not the best pricing for someone looking to go hit a bucket of balls. But the fact that they are able to effectively monetize driving ranges and create a new concept is incredible.

I have also used their technology at the Del Mar Golf Center. At the driving range they have a covered area where you can use their tracer technology and see where your shots are going. They have an area where you can play against your friends, but I only used it to track how far my shots were going. I’ve seen the Top Golf tracer at several other driving ranges as well.

One of our goals at Golf BPM is to include our music into the Top Golf eco-system. That way when you are practicing at a range that include Top Golf you could play our original music and time your swing up to the beats in our music.

We have a several product development ideas in the works to gamify your practice by combining music with yardage targets and then tracking all the areas you need to focus on for improvement.

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Golf BPM Music Now Available on Instagram & Tik Tok!

Encinitas, CA – Golf BPM Swing Tempo Music is now available on Instagram and Tik Tok. They have initially rolled out all the putting & chipping music. Users of both Apps can now post stories of themselves hitting to Golf BPM Music.

Golf BPM Music Now On Instagram & Tic Tok

“We are really excited that golfers can now add our music to their stories and posts on Instagram and Tik Tok” says Golf BPM CTO, Jeremy Callahan. “Our metrics show that golfers under the age of 25 love our App & Music. Being on IG and Tik Tok will allow us to further reach that younger demographic.”

To find Golf BPM music in Instagram or Tik Tok all users have to do is create a post. Then tap the “music” icon. Then search for “Golf BPM” and eight songs will appear that users can select from.

“Golf influencers are all over Instagram showing off their swings.” Says Golf BPM founder and PGA member Doug Timmons. “We wanted to add our music so golfers can show off their tempo and timing hitting to our beats.”

About Golf BPM

Golf BPM is a cross-platform App available in the iTunes and Google Play. It offers a 7-day free trial on monthly and annual subscription or users can purchased as a lifetime membership.

Golf BPM Swing Tempo Music was created so a player of any skill level can develop the same even tempo by simply timing their swing to a library of percussive, original beats. Featuring original music from hip hop, to electronic, to rock and pop, each song contains subtly timed verbal queues, so users know exactly where to hit their swing marks.

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Music on the Golf Course

When it comes to playing and listening to music on the Golf Course there seems to be a harsh 50/50 divide amongst golfer’s opinion on the subject.

Music on the Golf Course - Golf BPM

If you read the comments on blogs, Reddit, etc. about music on the course you will see there are some passionate opinions*.


“Not just no, but hell no! I just want to play golf without being subjected to music I would never listen to if I had a choice, and I certainly wouldn’t impose my tastes on others who more than likely don’t share my musical interests. Nature, conversations, the sound of the club hitting the ball – that’s more than enough. And yes, by all means, call me an old fart and a dinosaur. So be it.”

But on the other side there is an equal amount of people who love playing music from their golf carts.


“Oh ya, music for sure as sometimes you here that song that gets you going, and it just puts you back in that rhythm you needed to finish strong!”

One point everyone is missing is that music is actually bad for your game. I know as the founder of a golf music App I should not be saying that but its 100% true. Think about this… Every song has a different BPM (beats per minute) and your swing needs to be the same every swing.

So, if your swing is 156 BPM’s and you are listening to a song with 156 BPM’s awesome! But the next song will be at 92 BPM’s… not awesome. You may think the music is keeping you calm or relaxed but in fact you are speeding up or slowing down your tempo between every song.

This is one of the main reasons Doug Timmons created Golf BPM. In the early days of the iPod he noticed many of golfers on the range listening to music. He’d always approach them and ask what they were listening to. Doug would then ask them to fast forward to the next song on their iPod. His point was to show them the difference in beats per minute of each song.

If you are going to listen to music on the course or driving range, make sure it matched you swing BPM. If you want to know your swing BPM… get the Golf BPM App and you can discover that. Once you know your BPM you can either use the Golf BPM music, of go onto Spotify and find a similar BPM.

Spotify actually has stations for runners like “Running 156 BPM’s” so runners stay at the same pace from song to song.

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Another option is to go to and use one of these BPM playlists:

126 BPM Golf Music Playlist

144 BPM Golf Music Playlist

156 BPM Golf Music Playlist

184 BPM Golf Music Playlist

* Cited Quotes from MyGolfSpy

Golf Mental Game Secret – Keeping Your Cool

Golf BPM Mental Guide by Doug Timmons

 For those that have embarked on the journey of becoming a golfer then this article might make sense to you. The world renowned sports psychologist Bob Rotella says in his book Golf is Not a Game of Perfect, “a golfer has to learn to enjoy the process of striving to improve. That process, not the end result, enriches life.” He has a lot of great information in his books on how to try and control the highs and lows of a round of golf.

I like to refer to golf as a mental roller coaster one minute you are on top of the world after sinking a 10 footer for birdie and then the next minute you are looking for the 800 number to suicide prevention. Being dedicated to the process is the only way to ever get better at the game. There is something about the game that makes getting punished for four hours enjoyable.

I tell this to all of my beginners, “it is the only thing I have done in my life that in the course of four hours I have, totally lost my cool, quit and swear I am selling my clubs, to looking to blow off work the next day to do it again.” It is bizarre. For some of us the hardest thing to do is manage your emotions but in golf it’s a must.

For those that have a bit of fire in their belly and a super competitive nature then even a practice session can turn hazardous. I have been witnessed to club throws, drop f bombs and even a snap a club or three and remind you this was just in a practice session.

I absolutely do not condone this behavior but sometimes you have to have total control of your mind to not take it to that level. The great thing is you are constantly learning more about the game and learning more about yourself, so episodes like that hopefully are isolated. The more calm and cool you can stay during a round or practice session the more you will get out of it, yes this is easier said than done especially if you just got done snap hooking one in to the weeds.

Having a process in place to pull yourself out from the depths of self destruction is very important, it takes a lot of patience and will power. Having a mantra you can say to yourself and a breathing technique is a start to building the foundation so you can stop yourself from the free fall.

Just remember as in life somedays are just better than others and this goes the same with golf. In fact, golf and life have so many parallels not just in the mood swings but also in the etiquette and the respect that goes along with the history of the game.

Have you ever had a day at work were everything just seemed a bit off and couple breaks just didn’t go your way? Well I have and I have had that exact day on the course also, after finishing the round I just felt like what I would imagine 12 rounds with Mike Tyson would feel like, just beat up.

Then on the flips side, things were just rolling, the boss complimented you on a job well done, you landed a few deals and the traffic was light on the way home. Well those are the same on the course, a tree kicks your ball into the fairway instead of going OB, your normally shaky short game is on fire and the five footer that you hit on the edge dropped instead of lipping out.

Let’s face it for those that really care about the game, have had moments of extreme happiness and moments of extreme sadness but that’s just part of the journey. The Japanese business men like to take a potential customer or partner out to play because they can tell in the 18 holes what kind of person they will be getting involved with.

Another quote I always loved from Bob Rotella was “attitude always wins over ability” now this might not sound true but I am a firm believer. Trying to keep a positive attitude during a round is a task in itself but it is yet another part of the game that is fun and challenging to work on.

One of the reasons I got involved in the golf business in the first place was the fact that golf is such an amazing game for kids to learn. I have seen it transform kids from a coordination stand point and from a mind and spirt stand point. If the particular junior is willing to learn and put sometime in at a young age it will change their life, even if they decide the game is just not for them.

Now back to the grind, one thing I love to work on with my students is a solid pre shot routine, I mentioned it earlier but I want to express the extreme importance of a solid pre shot routine. A solid pre shot routine puts you in the present mind, a quote from Gautama Buddha says it all, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

Always attack the shot at hand! A good routine is a work in progress, it is always getting better, stronger and clearer. The goal is to build a process that you can do every time it is their turn to play. The routine requires focus, planning, visualizing, breathing and execution. This is very helpful when going through the mental roller coaster of a round.

I always love watching golfers like Justin Rose, you can never really tell if he is playing well or poorly. The ultimate goal is to make that roller coaster the most boring ride ever, come off of it without breaking a sweat and feeling relaxed. Jack Nicklaus was quoted saying “concentration is a fine antidote to anxiety” and I would image his concentration started with a solid pre shot routine.

Even if you are the biggest fans of the scary roller coasters like The Gravity Max or The Wicked Sister keep those highs and lows for the amusements parks and try your hardest to start leveling out your emotions on the golf course, work on building a bullet proof routine and you will be amazed on how much this will help your game regardless if it is the golf course or the course of life. 

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Music to Listen to While Practicing Golf

Walk onto any driving range in the world and you will see numerous people practicing while they are listening to music. It doesn’t matter if they are listening to rock, rap, country or any other music… Whatever they are listening to it is 100% hurting their rhythm, tempo & timing.

Music to Listen to While Practicing Golf

If you are dancing to a song you move to that beat. Then another song comes on and you have to either dance slower or faster. Then a Pitbul songs comes on and you are done dancing till something else comes on 🙂

It is no different on the driving range or golf course. Each song that comes on has a different speed (beats per minute). This will make you experience changes in mood, feelings, heart rate, approach and ultimately your swing sequence.

So that begs the question, is there a way to effectively use music to help you swing more consistently? And the answer is “Yes” but its going to take a small bit of work on your part.

First, you need to know what your current swing speed is in relation to beats per minute. Then all you have to do is create a play list of songs on that BPM sequence. The trick is finding out which BPM you currently swing at.

Luckily for you we have a tool that will help you determine your current BPM. Go to iTunes or Google Play and search and install “Golf BPM”. Once you have the App installed signup, pick a station and you will then be taken to a screen to choose one of four speeds (BPM’s).

We recommend that you choose 144 which is a mid level speed. Once you have that chosen, select a club type, choose a song and start hitting to the voice and musical prompts in the song. On the one count start your swing, on the two start your downswing and on the three make impact.

It will take you about 5 to 10 shots to get the timing down and relax and get into a rhythm. Once you are consistently timing the beats you can then consider moving the BPM up or down to match your swing. Just tap the BPM drop down and select a different speed.

Now that you know your preferred swing speed in relation to beats per minute you can find music to listen to while practicing golf. All you have to do now is find music that matched that BPM.

The second and final step is to create a playlist of songs at that BPM. That is as easy as Googling “songs at 144 bpms”. The first result is a website called and there is a list of 1500 songs in the 144 BPM range. Click here to see the list of 144 BPM songs.

If you are serious about listening to music when you practice and/or play golf do yourself a favor and figure out songs that actually help you stay on a consistent BPM.

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Golf BPM Music Releases Putting, Chipping & Short Game Music

Golf BPM Putting Music Released
Doug Timmons demonstrates using Golf BPM music with a Blast Motion sensor to execute a perfect 2:1 putting stroke

Golf BPM Swing Tempo Music App has added Putting, Chipping and Short Game music. The App release marks a major milestone and musical addition. The music is at 131 beats per minute and has musical prompts and beats to help golfers create consistent tempo at a perfect 2:1 swing ratio.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a 2-foot putt, 40-foot putt or 30-yard chip… When it comes to chipping and putting the best players in the world all have a consistent 2:1 ratio on these shots.” Says Golf BPM founder and PGA member Doug Timmons. “I was able to figure out the exact sequencing, and then created music that meets that timing.”

Golfers can now develop smooth putting and chipping strokes that rival PGA players by timing their movements to the musical and voice prompts.

“This is the most significant App release we will do this year” says CTO Jeremy Callahan. “App users can now fire up the putting music as soon as they install the App and try it at home. Before, App users had to wait until they got to the driving range to try our music. Now they can use it immediately in the most critical area of the game.”

The release also includes an exclusive Lifetime Membership offer for $49.99. There are only 500 of these memberships available.

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About Golf BPM

Golf BPM Swing Tempo Music was created so a player of any skill level can develop the same even tempo by simply timing their swing to a library of percussive, original beats. Featuring original music from hip hop, to electronic, to rock and pop, each song contains subtly timed verbal queues, so users know exactly where to hit their swing marks.

Golf BPM is a cross-platform App available in the iTunes and Google Play. It offers a 7-day free trial on monthly and annual subscription or users can purchased as a lifetime membership.

Golf Music & Blast Motion Sensor

Patterns are import because rhythm, tempo and timing are the secret and the backbone to a great golf swing.

When Blast came out it was the one and only tool that we could test the Golf BPM music with to actually see if the patterns in the App worked correctly. The very first time we used the two Apps side-by-side it was like magic.

On the Blast App you get readouts of your exact take-away and downswing times that you can pair with golf music. It instantaneously gets golfers into the correct zone to create perfect rhythm, tempo and timing. If you are working on your tempo there is no better way than using Golf BPM Music with Blast.

With the music you are in the zone mentally and with Blast you can get immediate feedback on the actual numbers behind your swing.

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The Story of Creating Golf Music for Golf BPM

Golf Music App - Golf BPM

I wanted to tell you a quick story about why it took me seven years to create Golf BPM.

Every time someone asks me how long it took to create the App I literally cringe when I have to say seven plus years. 

I cringe because of all the years I wasted talking about the idea and never executing it. Not to mention that Jeremy and I talked about it way back in 2008. In 2012 I had an idea, a programmer and several musicians. So, what took so long…

As far back as I can remember I’ve been teaching golf all day long and any moment I was not teaching I was working on my clothing line 18 GREENS. All the extra money and time I had went towards creating the apparel line. 

The apparel industry is a beast… you have to plan what people will be wearing a year in advance. Then you have to front the cash to create the clothing and get it to the United States. Most apparel companies have three to four lines a year to gear up for each season.

So, once it arrives you are out of money and then have to sell it over the summer to make back your investment. During that time, you have already started sampling and developing the next seasons line and borrowing money to get that done in hopes of recouping the money that is already out. There is never really any down time and if your company grows that means so does your debt. UGH, I often ask myself why I do this to myself, I love the action and my goal is to make a cool line that can be worn on and off the course that is affordable.

So even though I knew Golf BPM was a great idea and something that would revolutionize music and golf… it just sat on the back shelf collecting dust which always bothered me. I am not the kind of person that sets goals and then doesn’t at least go after them.

Finally, in 2015 I decided I had to put some time and energy toward making it happen. I’m not sure what sent me over the edge, but I was determined.

Creating the music turned out to be more complicated than I anticipated. The musicians were flakes, Jeremy took a job at IBM, my clothing line 18 GREENS was gaining traction and I was getting married.  The bottom line is it did not happen, now it’s 2016 and we had made zero progress towards getting it out.

May 2017

Our second go round at Golf BPM was a much more solid effort. In May of 2017, I got a call from Jeremy, he was all fired up about finally getting this thing going again. He had a friend who was a musician who he said could not only help but was onboard for a revenue share as well.

So the first week of June I flew up to San Francisco and we headed to the music studio in Sausalito. That trip was enlightening on several fronts. First, we were able to create our very first track “Smooth Groove”. That track is on the App if you want to hear it under the “Hip Hop” station.

It took three full days in the studio to create that one track. The track itself came pretty fast but the difficult part was when we started analyzing swings of the PGA tour players in relation to time, my idea and studies where a little more off than expected. The producer we were working with is a musical genius in his own right and loves golf so he really understood what I was trying do and create.

Through various studies, reading, working with students and metronomes we discovered that we needed four different swing speeds for each track. So, we had to speed up the original track to the four BPM’s we identified (126, 144, 156 and 184). 

After days of being locked in the studio, we headed to the range to test it out. I hit three balls and I knew we had nailed it. Then Jeremy hit and was instantly in-sync at 126 BPM’s. I have to tell you… it was one hell of a day!

I headed back to San Diego with two tracks to test and Jeremy was off and running programming the App. Our producer/musician was going to create more tracks.

Once home I started testing the tracks with my students. I tested with pros, collegiate, high school players and juniors. The results were incredible… everyone had success with it fairly instantly.

When I came back to San Francisco in August we found out that our musician had not done any work since my June visit. In his defense he had a lot going on in his life, things that I could never imagine.  

This was a problem because at the end of my previous trip I had discovered a difference between the swing tempo ratios between drivers, mid irons and putting.

I won’t bore you but essentially, I found through using the BLAST Motion sensor that good players mid iron ratios were different than their driver and even from 90 yards and in. The reason I came back to the studio was to figure out the music at these ratios and also create the tempos for putting and chipping.

When you use Golf BPM you will notice that we have four BPM’s (126, 144, 156 and 184) and also we have a drop down for club selection (Driver – 5 iron, 6 iron – wedges, and chipping putting).

Each song needs 11 speeds / tempos

    4 speeds for Driver – 5 Irons
    4 speeds for 6 irons – wedges and
    3 speed for chipping / putting

I knew we were in trouble with the musician because he was already behind and we now needed 24 tracks total before November and each track needed 11 speeds. 

11 x 24 = a lot of music that needed to be created before I was heading to The Hero Challenge tournament to pitch the music and App to PGA golfers. 

Choking on the final hole

The day I was at the airport I got a call from Jeremy. He had just got off the phone with the producer/musician. In short, he wanted to quit and or be paid to finish the tracks he had not created. He had found out that by getting behind he had to work triple time and was just not that passionate about the project.

The final hour in that studio was not pretty… it was like breaking up with your girlfriend, someone you shared some great moments with but just knew it wasn’t going to work. Walking out we knew he was out and not going to be able to deliver. Our musician is a great guy but we didn’t need a “great guy” he just did not want it as bad as we did.

At that point, we had failed again…

We had done many great things and learned a lot from the producer, he dropped a lot of knowledge on me that I am forever grateful for. We finished pieces of the project like sequencing swings to music across all the clubs and learned a lot about the actual music we were creating. Sadly, once again we failed to create the amount of music we needed to get the App launched.

May 2018

After two solid failures to get Golf BPM launched I got a call from Jeremy in May of 2018. He had once again contacted a friend who was a musician that he wanted me to meet. 

This time there would be no equity or revenue sharing, he was just going to pay them outright for their music. The upside of all the studio time we had logged was that we had the framework in place to move forward and the framework was spot on.

One thing we decided early on was to add a voice prompt to all the music.

Originally it was just going to be beats or tones. But since all the songs had different sound we decided to actually add a woman’s voice counting 1, 2 and 3. 

The best part is I didn’t have to travel and spend time in the studio. We just gave them the files and asked them to create a sample track to make sure they could work within the framework.

Not to mention that when you pay people they seem to work a lot faster!

A week later we had a sample track “Lift Me Up” that you can hear on the “Pop” station within the App. 

Within six weeks we had all the music we needed to get the App launched.

Jeremy then got to work on finishing all the programming to get the App into iTunes and Google Play. The development took a bit longer than expected however.

This is because when we tested on the driving range the voice and the music would sometimes be out of sync. Why you ask, because we wanted to build in an option to allow the users to mute the voice.

I happen to like the voice but some users found the repetition annoying overtime. Luckily Jeremy branded himself “The App Man” and if you’re going to do that you better be good at what you do. It took many tries but he is persistent, finally got it dialed in and got the Golf BPM launched.

After seven years, multiple musicians, Golf BPM went live in January of 2019! That was a good day. We are proud to say it has already aided in an individual NCAA D2 National Championship win.

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Growing the Game of Golf with Music

In all my years of teaching golf my goal has always been to help my students improve, make the game fun and enjoyable and to do my best to help grow the game of golf.

Doug Timmons - Golf BPM Founder
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One of my methods for growing the game has always been through Junior golf. I have done camps, high school teams, tournaments, you name it, I’ve done it all and have always enjoyed doing things that were unique to the game of golf.  It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to see adults all over San Diego that I taught golf to when they were in kids still have a love and passion for the game.

And although I’ve been recognized for my efforts, I always wondered…

What is something that I could do to reach more people and make the game more fun and approachable?  How can I do something that would leave a lasting impression on the game, something players of all levels could benefit from?

In golf, every player and instructor struggle to learn or teach three things: Rhythm, Tempo and Timing.

Teachers can’t effectively teach it and players all struggle to develop it. For the past 20 years of coaching, I have struggled to find an effective way to teach rhythm, tempo and timing, until now!

My mission is to use music to grow the game and help players of all skill levels have perfect rhythm, tempo and timing.

I want to personally invite you to join Golf BPM and help me grow the game and add extra enjoyment through music.

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