Cameron Champ 3M Open Champion 2021 – Approach Shots to Music (Golf Music for Perfect Tempo)

We broke down Cameron’s approach shots to our 144 BPM music which is at a perfect 2.5:1 swing tempo ratio.

If you want to mimic Cameron’s swing, get our App “Golf BPM” and select 6-Irons – PW at 144 BPM’s. The song is call “Hardcore Tax Man” and can be found in the Hip Hop station.

We have over 30 songs with this timing.

Our full swing songs have four speeds to choose from: 126, 144, 156 and 184 BPM’s (Beats Per Minute).

Tempo Ratios:

  • Putting & Chipping = 2:1 Ratio
  • Driver – 4 Iron = 3:1 Swing Ratio
  • 5 – PW = 2.5:1 Ratio

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