Concerts at PGA Events – We Want More!

Golf Music Concert at The Safeway Open

Last September I drove up to Napa for The Safeway Open at Silverado. Although the field didn’t include the top players the event was incredible. Why? Because not only was there a PGA event in Napa, but every night after play concluded there was a concert at the event.

I was there on Saturday night and saw Rob Thomas. Friday the night before Bad Company played. The concerts started about 30 minutes after playing concluded. And the best part was that it was only $30 for a ticket to the golf and concert.

It seems like such a no-brainer that every PGA event would include music!


This year at the American Express Golf Tournament there will be two concerts. Stevie Nicks and Luke Bryan.

“One of the key elements of the event has been this golf-entertainment model that we have brought in,” said Jeff Sanders, executive director of the American Express event for operating company Lagardere Sports. “Some call it Golf-chella. I happen to like that term. We believe that’s what this event really needs to be. It needs to combine music, food, wine and charity all together with the best golfers in the world.”

Having personally experience a PGA event with a concert it was incredible seeing the greatest players in the world in the day and at night. Not to mention that there was a good amount of people at the concert that didn’t even attend the golf portion of the day. They were just there for the music. So fella’s if you love golf and your wife doesn’t I’d say we just found the perfect compromise!

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