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Experience the Golf BPM Silent Disco

This weekend Golf BPM will be offering expo attendees the opportunity to experience their music via a silent disco at this year’s Haggin Oaks Golf Expo.

“We wanted to give expo attendees a unique way to experience our swing temp music without having to download and install our App” says Golf BPM’s CTO, Jeremy Callahan. “By creating a silent disco, attendees can just put on headphones and go hit to our music on the driving range”

Attendees can find the Golf BPM silent disco at the 18GREENS Apparel booth located in the Front Super Shop section of the expo. Golf BPM co-founder and CEO Doug Timmons (PGA) also owns and operates 18GREENS.

18GREENS will be selling gear at amazing prices during the expo. They will be offering deep discounts on shirts, pants, shorts, hats for men, women and juniors.

About 18GREENS

18GREENS apparel is built with golf in mind and the great lifestyle it has to offer. Established in North County, San Diego, where the weather is perfect year-round, we are inspired by music, travel, water, athletic activities and sunshine. Our family is constantly chasing blue water, bright sunshine and green grass.

Golf BPM Silent Disco