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Golf BPM Music Licensing Program

Golf BPM is pleased to announce that their library of progressive swing tempo music is now available for licensing to musicians, mobile apps, websites, driving ranges, golf carts, and tracking devices.

Similar to how software companies have licensed their GPS and tee time technology to websites, apps and courses, Golf BPM is now making their music available for inclusion. The team at Golf BPM has also seen a rise in driving range and golf cart GPS technology they would like to target.

In addition, Golf BPM is also looking to partner with existing musicians who are interested in collaborating to create tracks or their own stations within Golf BPM.  Musicians can tap into the existing Golf BPM framework and quickly create tracks at the correct BPM’s for perfect swing tempo ratios.

To find out more on how to include their original songs in your App, cart software, driving ranges, simulators and facilities please contact Jeremy Callahan at

Golf BPM Music Licensing Program