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Golf BPM Music Now Available on Amazon Alexa

Golf BPM Swing Tempo Music App has launched a new skill on Amazon Alexa. Alexa users can simply say “Alexa, install Golf BPM” and after the install can say “Alex, Play Golf BPM”.

The initial release includes one trial song available so that golfers can hear and sample a full Golf BPM song. The song is at a mid-range BPM (beat per minute) of 144 BPM’s. The song also includes the voice over counting 1, 2, 3. Golfer can time their swing to the counts by starting their swing on the 1, starting their downswing on the 2 and making impact on the 3 count.

Golfers can get a full version of the App which is available in iTunes and Google Play. Within the App there are over 100 songs, 4 stations and 4 different swing speeds (BPM’s) to swing to. It offers a 7-day free trial on monthly and annual subscription or users can purchased as a lifetime membership.

Golf BPM Amazon Alexa