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Golf BPM Music Now Offering Lifetime Memberships for $49.99

Encinitas, CA – Golf BPM Swing Tempo Music is now offering lifetime memberships in addition to their monthly and annual subscriptions. For the cost of a round of golf, App users can now have access to Golf BPM for life.

The membership offer is available at:  Lifetime Membership Link and includes a full free trial where users can experience the music before purchasing.

Golf BPM Music was created so a player of any skill level can develop the same even tempo by simply timing their swing to a library of percussive, original music. Featuring original music from hip hop, to electronic, to rock and pop, each song contains subtly timed verbal queues, so users know exactly where to hit their swing marks.

“We surveyed our App customers and the one thing that kept coming up was they all wanted to be members for life versus a monthly subscription” says Golf BPM co-founder Jeremy Callahan. “So, in addition to subscriptions, golfers can now buy lifetime accounts. We created a special website for new users to get the offer or they can be purchased within the App”.

Golf BPM is a cross-platform App available in the iTunes and Google Play. It offers a 7-day free trial on monthly and annual subscription and now can purchased as a lifetime membership.

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Golf BPM Lifetime Membership