Golf Music Can Help Your Tempo

Golf Music by Golf BPM

If you head out to your local driving range, you will see tons of people listening to music while they are practicing hitting balls. If you go to a PGA event and head to the range, you will also see the pros practicing while listening to music.

That begs the question… what are the listening to? And better yet, is that music helping their tempo, rhythm and timing?

The answer to if the golf music is helping is 100% NO! Each song in your playlist has a different BPM (beats per minute) and that is not helping your tempo.

In the early 2000’s when the iPod came out this same exact question came to Doug Timmons. At that point he had been teaching golf and started to notice more and more golfers were practicing with golf music. Doug loves music and out of curiosity would ask what golf music they were listening to. Of course, this music ranged from hip hop to rock to pop and everything else.

But all the music had one thing in common. And that was it was not helpful to the golfer’s rhythm, tempo and timing. And as an instructor the main issue in his teaching was, he could never consistently teach students how to develop perfect tempo.

So, Doug created “Golf BPM” golf music. Golf BPM is an App similar to Pandora with stations and playlists with one gigantic difference. All the golf music is tailored to help golfers of all levels develop perfect rhythm, tempo and timing in their golf swing.

When it comes to golf music compare what the pros are doing…

First, let’s look at Rickie Fowler. Our swing analysis of Rickie shows that he hits at 184 beats per minute. In a “Golf Digest” online article Rickey listed four songs he loves to listen to:

1. “Wake Me Up,” Avicii – 124 BPM’s

2. “Radioactive,” Imagine Dragons – 136 BPM’s

3. “Mockingbird,” Eminem – 84 BPM’s

4. “Take You Higher, Goodwill – 128 BPM’s

Second, here is Rory Mcilroy list from the same article. Rory swings at 156 BPM’s

1. “Wake Me Up” Avicii – 124 BPM’s

2. “Under Control” Calvin Harris – 126 BPM’s

3. “Sweet Nothing” Calvin Harris – 128 BPM’s

4. “Can’t Hold Us” Macklemore – 146 BPM’s

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Now I’ll concede that both Rickie and Rory certainly have better musical taste than me but their music selection from a beats per minute perspective is all over the map. Not to mention that the BPM’s are at a much slower pace than their actual swing.

It’s interesting to see that with all the technical advances in golf that even the best pro players are not effectively using music correctly. Think about that… if you find that you swing at 184 BPM’s then all you have to do is find music in that range.

Here are two options you have for finding perfect golf music for your swing:

Golf BPM Music App: First, Golf BPM will also help you determine your perfect swing BPM when register on the App. Then all the golf music has three distinct beats and a voice prompts. Golfers just pick a station, club (driver, 5-iron, etc.) and then put in their headphones and time their swing to the music.

The second thing you can do is once you know your BPM you can then download an iTunes add-on called: “BPM Detection”. With this add-on you can see and order all your songs in iTunes by BPM. Then you can create your own golf music playlist at your exact BPM.

With the Golf BPM App and the BPM Detection add-on you now have a fast and simple solution to having perfect, tailored golf music to practice to.

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