Golf Music Now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple and Many More!

Golf BPM Music Streaming

Golf BPM Swing Tempo Music is now available on over 10 music streaming services including iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify and many more. They have initially rolled out all their putting & chipping music. Each song is at 131 beats per minute and is timed to create a perfect 2 to 1 ratio for a golfer’s short game and putting swings.

“Our main delivery method for our music is our iPhone and Android mobile App. But we wanted to get our music out on all the streaming services to touch more golfers and provide another method to discover and listen to our music.” says Golf BPM CTO, Jeremy Callahan.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a 2-foot putt, 40-foot putt or 30-yard chip… When it comes to chipping and putting the best players in the world all have a consistent 2:1 ratio on these shots.” Says Golf BPM founder and PGA member Doug Timmons. “I was able to figure out the exact sequencing, and then created music that meets that timing.”

The initial release includes eight putting & chipping songs. Every song includes the voice over counting 1, 2, 3. Golfer can time their swing to the counts by starting their swing on the 1, starting their downswing on the 2 and making impact on the 3 count.

Golfers can get a full version of the App which is available in iTunes and Google Play. Within the App there are over 100 songs, 4 stations and 4 different swing speeds (BPM’s) to swing to. It offers a 7-day free trial on monthly and annual subscription or users can purchased as a lifetime membership.

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