Golf Practice Solutions During Shelter in Place

Here are a few great ideas for practicing golf in your home, backyard or apartment. When golfers think about practicing, they think they need to be at the course or the driving range. But during the shelter in place golfers have come up with quick and easy solutions to keep their game sharp.

Putting Solutions

The easiest thing to practice in your home is putting. This can be done on any thin rug and putting towards a target. The best setup that every golfer should have regardless of the shelter in place is a putting mat. There are various styles to choose from on Amazon. We recommend one with a ball return and alignment lines.

Golf BPM Indoor Putting Drill

The “Down the Line” putting aid is something you can quickly build in your home with cardboard and an alignment stick. It helps your putting in several different areas. First, it will train you to swing your putter on a perfect path and second, trains you to see your ball line better.

Check out this video Doug created on how to setup and use it with PVC pipe, but as you can see in the photo it can be done with cardboard and a stick at home:

Indoor Chipping Solutions

If you are going to chip inside, you need to either get some golf whiffle balls or ping pong balls. I’m sure by this point you’ve seen plenty of trick shots on Instagram and Facebook using these balls to bounce off wall and land in cups. You might as well join the movement and start practicing your chipping too.

Check out this cool post we created using Golf BPM chipping music and whiffle balls at:

Golf BPM Chipping Indoors

Backyard Solutions

Golf BPM Indoor Practice Balls

The obvious solution in the backyard is a net to drive into. But those can be hard to come by and expensive. We’ve seen several people on Instagram creating their own drapes with heavy cloth to do this. We are not recommending this due to ricochets.

Not to mention hitting nets seem like a good idea when you see the ads where the person never misses the net. But I can assure you… it’s very easy to pop up a ball over the net or miss it completely left or right.

A great alternative is a dense foam ball. These go 1/3 of the distance of a normal ball. They are not hard enough to break windows and the ball flight will mimic a regular ball flight.

Here is a link (pictured here) to a great combo pack of whiffle and foam golf balls:

Don’t Forget to Laugh – 10 Epic TopGolf Fails

With all the craziness going on in the world it’s important to get in a good laugh. We threw together this compilation video of people “Failing” at TopGolf. Wait until you see some of these falls! Check out the video here:

Golf BPM TopGolf Fails

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