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Growing the Game of Golf with Music

In all my years of teaching golf my goal has always been to help my students improve, make the game fun and enjoyable and to do my best to help grow the game of golf.

Doug Timmons - Golf BPM Founder
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One of my methods for growing the game has always been through Junior golf. I have done camps, high school teams, tournaments, you name it, I’ve done it all and have always enjoyed doing things that were unique to the game of golf.  It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to see adults all over San Diego that I taught golf to when they were in kids still have a love and passion for the game.

And although I’ve been recognized for my efforts, I always wondered…

What is something that I could do to reach more people and make the game more fun and approachable?  How can I do something that would leave a lasting impression on the game, something players of all levels could benefit from?

In golf, every player and instructor struggle to learn or teach three things: Rhythm, Tempo and Timing.

Teachers can’t effectively teach it and players all struggle to develop it. For the past 20 years of coaching, I have struggled to find an effective way to teach rhythm, tempo and timing, until now!

My mission is to use music to grow the game and help players of all skill levels have perfect rhythm, tempo and timing.

I want to personally invite you to join Golf BPM and help me grow the game and add extra enjoyment through music.

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Doug Timmons - Golf BPM Founder