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Hidden Benefits of Golf Swing Music

Today I wanted to tell you about the benefits that Golf BPM swing music can have to your game. Most golf training devices usually involve some sort of physical device made out of plastic. Golf BPM is just music with subtle tones that you time your swing to.

If you swing to the counts in our music, you will develop a perfect tempo and timing. But there are some more subtle things you will also benefit from that are not always obvious.

Listening Off Course

Getting your breathing, thoughts and mind in the proper state before a round is extremely important. The problem is, there is no way to do this and no one knows where to begin. The first hidden benefit of our music is that you can listen on your way to the course in your car.

Our tag line is “Music makes your body move”. By listening on your way to the course your mind and body will connect so that the second you step out of the car you’re in the perfect headspace. I recommend that you mute the voice count and just listen to the music only.

As you walk to the club house you will be relaxed and grooving to your perfect tempo.

Swinging Slower

As you know swinging harder never produces better results.  You can swing faster or shift your weight more violently but that will not help you. Have you ever watched a professional woman swing? Fred Couples or Ernie Els?

These players have one thing in common. They are using perfect rhythm, tempo and timing to produce maximum results. In particular, you never see a LPGA player overswinging or trying to produce power with muscle.

The second benefit of Golf BPM is that you can actually swing at a slower pace and produce the same or more power. Think about the last time you played golf and someone in your group said “That was a great swing” after you hit a shot?

They didn’t compliment where your ball went, they complimented your swings rhythm, tempo and timing.

Swinging Faster

The third hidden benefit isn’t for everyone. This is usually reserved for Seniors, Women, Juniors or beginners. These are the people that have long deliberate swings that are slower than our lowest BPM (126).

If you fall into this category, then Golf BPM can speed up your swing in a positive way. All of our four BPM’s are at perfect swing tempo ratios. So, if you do feel the need to swing faster, then select the next BPM and know that even though you are swinging faster, you will be in perfect form.

Better Contact

After you get the musical timing down to your BPM you are going to notice something right away. If you impact the ball on the 3 count… your contact will improve, and the ball will consistently go straight. 

You will also notice that if you are late on the 3 you will fade or slice the ball. And if you are early on the 3 you will hook the ball. Having said that, this is not a way to learn to hit fades or draws. It’s just a byproduct of bad tempo that makes this happen.

It really comes down to your body being off beat. If you stay with the counts you will be harmonious, flowing and in-rhythm. And by simply doing that, your contact will improve dramatically.

Kids Love It!

Last summer while I was running my junior camps, I decided to test the music with the kids. I fired up the music on a speaker the final 30 minutes of the first day. Not only did it work with kids that had never swung a club before… They loved it.

The next morning, they were begging me to turn on the music so they could hit to it.

If you are introducing golf to children, the first and most important thing is: It has to be fun! If you are a parent you’ve struggled to teach your kids something. Do not be that parent on the course… Keep it fun! Fire up the music and sit back and watch your kids swing to the beats.

And for that matter… If you are teaching your husband, wife, kids or anyone else, don’t be that person on the range giving advice when you can’t even break 80. Just have them put on Golf BPM and time their swing to the beats. Keep if fun, keep it simple.

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