How to Get Perfect Putting & Chipping Tempo

Did you know that 60% of all golf shots are under 100 yards?

Most golfers spend the majority of their practice time on the driving range practicing full swings. They may spend a few minutes before a round on the putting green and that is about it.

If the majority of your game is under 100 yards that is where you need to focus.

The perfect base line tempo for all shots under 100 yards is a 2:1 swing ratio. Most people reading this have no idea what a 2:1 ratio even is or means. Below is a screen shot of a Blast motion sensor at a 2:1 swing tempo. This is a perfect tempo.

At the bottom of the image notice that the take-a-way time is .63 seconds and the downswing is .31 seconds. That is a 2:1 ratio.

Putting Tempo

Brad Faxon said it best:

            “If I can get the timing of a player to be consistent it seems to help all the other things that people have trouble with.”

There are two considerations with a Blast motion sensor.

First you need to have one to know what your current ratios are. Blast has a great product and these cost about $100. Their mobile App is excellent as well. When you have the sensor on your club, you get instant feedback on the App. Every time you hit, the App makes a ding and the data is available.

The second consideration with the Blast sensor is that once you start seeing your tempo ratios, it is extremely difficult to either speed up or slow down elements of your swing to improve your ratios.

This is one of the reasons we created Golf music. Our putting and chipping music has distinct prompts that are all on a 2:1 swing ratio. Timing your swing to music is a natural process and literally creates perfect tempo and timing.

If you have a Blast sensor, we encourage you to try it with our music. Hit 12 putts (or chips) with no music and then hit 12 with the music. You will likely find that your swing ratio tighten up. Meaning that your consistency will be better.

To learn more, here is a great video webinar with Blast Golf and Matt Fisher, aka Mr. Short Game. In this webinar, learn how to work on your short game with Blast, how MSG uses Blast, and best practices for off season training.

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