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Improve Your Tempo with Sir Nick Faldo

Every golfer has seen the famous quote by Nick Faldo “Tempo is the glue that sticks your golf swing together”. But no one knows when and where he said it. Until now!

Here is the 3-minute video where Nick goes over tempo and how to practice it. In this video he offers excellent advice.

  1. Find a PGA player that is in similar height/weight to you stature and feed off what they are doing. In particular their smoothness.
  2. At the :50 minute mark he demonstrates a drill to work on smoothness.
  3. At the 1:34 minute mark he shows a tempo drill and how he counts through his swing.
  4. Finally at the 2:48 minute mark he does a drill where he hits three balls with each club in his bag. He uses the exact same swing and tempo and asks you to see if you can tell when he changes clubs.

Enjoy the video on Sir Nick teaching tempo

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