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Max Homa swings to the rhythm of the music at Torrey

Perfection! Max Homa’s perfect tempo in the final round is simply incredible. We love his smooth and rhythmic takeaway of the golf club. This video is mesmerizing to watch.

We timed all these shots to our 144 tempo. This song is on a 3:1 ratio.

Here is the interesting thing about this video. Most of the PGA players swing at a 2.5:1 tempo ratio on their approach shots. But when we timed Max, he was on pace with a 3:1 tempo.

The main takeaway for you is that when you try our music the first step is to find a tempo that works/matches your current swing. We have over 21 different tempo/BPM combinations to choose from. But the first step is to find a single tempo that you can swing to. From there you can play around with different speeds.

If you want to mimic Max’s tempo, get our App “Golf BPM” and select Driver – 5 Iron at 144 BPMs. The song is called “Aint No Reason” and can be found in the Rock station.

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