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Music on the Golf Course - Golf BPM

When it comes to playing and listening to music on the Golf Course there seems to be a harsh 50/50 divide amongst golfer’s opinion on the subject.

If you read the comments on blogs, Reddit, etc. about music on the course you will see there are some passionate opinions*.


“Not just no, but hell no! I just want to play golf without being subjected to music I would never listen to if I had a choice, and I certainly wouldn’t impose my tastes on others who more than likely don’t share my musical interests. Nature, conversations, the sound of the club hitting the ball – that’s more than enough. And yes, by all means, call me an old fart and a dinosaur. So be it.”

But on the other side there is an equal amount of people who love playing music from their golf carts.


“Oh ya, music for sure as sometimes you here that song that gets you going, and it just puts you back in that rhythm you needed to finish strong!”

One point everyone is missing is that music is actually bad for your game. I know as the founder of a golf music App I should not be saying that but its 100% true. Think about this… Every song has a different BPM (beats per minute) and your swing needs to be the same every swing.

So, if your swing is 156 BPM’s and you are listening to a song with 156 BPM’s awesome! But the next song will be at 92 BPM’s… not awesome. You may think the music is keeping you calm or relaxed but in fact you are speeding up or slowing down your tempo between every song.

This is one of the main reasons Doug Timmons created Golf BPM. In the early days of the iPod he noticed many of golfers on the range listening to music. He’d always approach them and ask what they were listening to. Doug would then ask them to fast forward to the next song on their iPod. His point was to show them the difference in beats per minute of each song.

If you are going to listen to music on the course or driving range, make sure it matched you swing BPM. If you want to know your swing BPM… get the Golf BPM App and you can discover that. Once you know your BPM you can either use the Golf BPM music, of go onto Spotify and find a similar BPM.

Spotify actually has stations for runners like “Running 156 BPM’s” so runners stay at the same pace from song to song.

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Another option is to go to and use one of these BPM playlists:

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* Cited Quotes from MyGolfSpy