Music to Listen to While Practicing Golf

Music to Listen to While Practicing Golf

Walk onto any driving range in the world and you will see numerous people practicing while they are listening to music. It doesn’t matter if they are listening to rock, rap, country or any other music… Whatever they are listening to it is 100% hurting their rhythm, tempo & timing.

If you are dancing to a song you move to that beat. Then another song comes on and you have to either dance slower or faster. Then a Pitbul songs comes on and you are done dancing till something else comes on 🙂

It is no different on the driving range or golf course. Each song that comes on has a different speed (beats per minute). This will make you experience changes in mood, feelings, heart rate, approach and ultimately your swing sequence.

So that begs the question, is there a way to effectively use music to help you swing more consistently? And the answer is “Yes” but its going to take a small bit of work on your part.

First, you need to know what your current swing speed is in relation to beats per minute. Then all you have to do is create a play list of songs on that BPM sequence. The trick is finding out which BPM you currently swing at.

Luckily for you we have a tool that will help you determine your current BPM. Go to iTunes or Google Play and search and install “Golf BPM”. Once you have the App installed signup, pick a station and you will then be taken to a screen to choose one of four speeds (BPM’s).

We recommend that you choose 144 which is a mid level speed. Once you have that chosen, select a club type, choose a song and start hitting to the voice and musical prompts in the song. On the one count start your swing, on the two start your downswing and on the three make impact.

It will take you about 5 to 10 shots to get the timing down and relax and get into a rhythm. Once you are consistently timing the beats you can then consider moving the BPM up or down to match your swing. Just tap the BPM drop down and select a different speed.

Now that you know your preferred swing speed in relation to beats per minute you can find music to listen to while practicing golf. All you have to do now is find music that matched that BPM.

The second and final step is to create a playlist of songs at that BPM. That is as easy as Googling “songs at 144 bpms”. The first result is a website called and there is a list of 1500 songs in the 144 BPM range. Click here to see the list of 144 BPM songs.

If you are serious about listening to music when you practice and/or play golf do yourself a favor and figure out songs that actually help you stay on a consistent BPM.

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