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Swing, Score, Symphony: Bryson DeChambeau’s 58 Timed to the Rhythm of Golf BPM Music

Accompanied by the rhythm of Golf BPM music, this video compilation captures DeChambeau’s finest shots and highlights, showcasing his exceptional journey to claim his first individual LIV Golf title. Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement that solidifies DeChambeau’s place in golf history. Don’t miss out on the electrifying energy and breathtaking precision that led to this iconic victory!

We timed Bryson’s swing to our 184 BPM music which is at a perfect 3:1 swing tempo ratio.

If you want to mimic Bryson’s swing, get our App “Golf BPM” and select 184 BPMs. The song is called “Hardcore Tax Man” and can be found in the Hip Hop station.

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