Teaching Golf Swing Tempo

There has to be a better way

Golf BPM Doug Timmons Teaching With Music

As an instructor I have always wanted a tool to use to teach my students how to repeat their rhythm tempo and timing. I used various methods; I’ve found that a metronome was close but still not what I was looking for.

This is when Golf BPM was created, I worked with “The App Man” Jeremy Callahan and various music producers to create an app that helps you with your rhythm, tempo and timing. Golf BPM can be used on and off the golf course, making it fun and effective to use while practicing, playing or even just listening casually while driving in your car.

Just think of all the different things going on around you while driving, if you had music that you could listen to that had tones that match your perfect rhythm, tempo and timing it would be almost as effective as actually hitting at the range. Instead of wasting timing doing nothing in the car except for getting mad at the traffic and all of the horrible drivers you actually be doing something to help your golf game.

What the Pros Say About Tempo

Sir Nick Faldo was quoted saying that rhythm, tempo and timing is the glue that holds every great golf swing together and as a coach I couldn’t agree more. The more you can ingrain that flow in your mind, the easier it will be to repeat when you get into close match or coming down the stretch in a tournament or casual round.

Sam Snead is said to have had one of the most graceful swings in the history of golf, he has been quoted saying that he would whistle a waltz tune while playing and this what helped him to keep perfect rhythm, tempo and timing under the heat of the battle.

Jimmy Demart put out some instructional records that helped you understand how to use music as a tool for your golf swing. There are so many different sayings and counting methods that you can use while swinging the club that can help you get your tempo going but now you can have music that is made specifically for you in mind.     

Music Makes Your Body Move

Music and tones have a powerful effect on most brains, different sounds and rhythms create certain responses. Music has the ability to take you to a certain frame of mind and provokes a certain mood or feeling.

The music we have built is all original and is designed in a certain format and certain BPM’s that allows your mind be at ease while listening. We want the golfer to be able to zone out and get lost in the rhythm of the music, using the tones and/or the counts to guide you on your journey to creating a repetitive golf swing.

We have done a lot of research and have spent countless hours reading about the effects sounds have on your mind. Not only do we use certain tones but all tones are timed to the best swings on the PGA Tour.

Teaching Golf Tempo With Music

The best part about the Golf BPM is that through all of our testing with various levels of golfer we found that it is fun and effective.

If you are a fellow golf instructor, Golf BPM is also a great training aid to use during lessons or during junior clinics. You will find your students will love it and the kids will bug you to turn the music back on.

For those that didn’t understand the importance of music and the tone/counts prior to listening they sure understood after five minutes of playing with the app. We found that all of the students and/or juniors that listened to the music with the voice counts on, quickly got themselves in a perfect rhythm.

The voice counts and/or tones will also help all golfers with the rhythm of their pre shot routine, the way they walk to the ball, set up to the ball, look down the line and the starting of the overall swing. The goal is to get yourself moving to the BPM that best fits your swing tempo. 

How to Choose a Swing Speed (BPM)

Finding the BPM that best fits your swing is fun and can also be challenging. We recommend starting with selecting driver to five iron and then choose the 144 BPM, you will immediately discover if this is too fast or too slow.

Even if you feel it is too slow, try and sync up with the counts/tones, get some confidence going and then if you want to explore please do so. We have found that moving up in the BPM’s will help increase your club head speed also.

We also like to use the 126 BPM for a good foundation to get everything moving smoothly at the beginning of a practice session. We have not really seen a pattern except that the younger more advanced players love to try and swing at the fastest BPM (184 BPM’s).

We love the fact that we have built a training aid that will really help golfers of all levels improve their rhythm, tempo and timing which will help them improve their overall game.      

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