Team Rates Available Now

Golf BPM Team Rates

Golf BPM Music has launched a new team rate for golf coaches to share with their teams and students. The new offering is targeted at golf coaches and PGA teaching professionals to help them better teach tempo, timing and rhythm to their players.

For $199 instructors and coaches can get a team membership that allows up to 10 players to use the App for 12 months.

To register for the program please contact Jeremy Callahan at

About Golf BPM

Golf BPM Swing Tempo Music was created so a player of any skill level can develop the same even tempo by simply timing their swing to a library of percussive, original beats. Featuring original music from hip hop, to electronic, to rock and pop, each song contains subtly timed verbal queues so users know exactly where to hit their swing marks. On the course, at home, for a few minutes in your office, at the gym, you can use the app practically anywhere – all the time, visualizing the 3 critical timing points in the swing, and building them into muscle memory.

Golf BPM is a cross-platform App available in the iTunes and Google Play. It offers a 7-day free trial on monthly and annual subscription or users can purchased as a lifetime

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