The State of Golf BPM – Our One Year Anniversary

golf swing tempo

I’d like to personally thank all of the early adopters and supporters of Golf BPM Swing Tempo Music. The fact that you found our App and tried it out means the world to us.

I also want to update you on where we stand since our launch in 2019 and what is in store for 2020.

When Doug and I launched the music last year we knew that it 100% works and helps you improve your swing tempo, timing and rhythm… What we did not know, is if it was a viable product in the market.

We both invested our personal savings and time into the product. It was a pure gamble on our part and the only way to see if it would work was to put it out there and see what golfers thought.

2019 Accomplishments

• iOS and Android Apps available in 14 countries
• Added putting & chipping music in July
• Conversion rate is 8% (install App to paying customers)
• We have a positive ad spend to conversion rate
• Cash positive with zero debt
• Launched an affiliate program
• Music also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, iHeartRadio, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

The one major issue we are still having is how to get more attention and people knowing about Golf BPM Music. Growth… we need growth! And that brings us to 2020…

Goals for 2020

• Creating more music genres, stations and songs
• Working with pro musicians & PGA players to create branded stations
• Completion of “The Zone” meditation section
• Licensing our music to ranges, simulators and other golf Apps
• Growing from 500 to 20,000 subscribers

To achieve this growth, we are ramping up our advertising, outreach and hitting the road for a driving range tour this summer. If you’d like us to hit your favorite range, course or event please reply and let us know places we have to check out.

We are currently raising a seed investment round of $500k. If you are interested in investing, we have options ranging from 5k to 100k. You can reply to this email for a full investment prospectus.

How You Can Help

• Tell golfers about our App & music
• Give us a positive review in iTunes or Google Play
• Invest or pass us along to investors you know
• Suggest a driving range, tournament or event we need to attend
• Become an affiliate – we pay $25 per referred customer
• Support Doug’s clothing line 18 Greens

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