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Tiger Woods Joins PGA Tour Players Advisory Board, Jay Monahan’s Memo to PGA Players, PGA & LIV Schedule Updates, Golf’s Global Growth

This Week In Golf Podcast – Episode 28

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This week, we delve into some exciting developments within the world of professional golf. The legendary Tiger Woods makes a significant move by joining the PGA Tour Players Advisory Board. We’ll also take a closer look at the PGA Tour’s plans for 2024, discuss key appointments and committee formations, and explore recent insights from Greg Norman’s press conference. Join us as we navigate through these intriguing updates in the world of golf.

First, we kick things off by discussing the latest news of Tiger Woods’ involvement in the PGA Tour Players Advisory Board. This move showcases his continued commitment to the sport and adds his influential voice to shaping the future of professional golf.

Next, we dissect the topics covered in Jay Monahan’s memo, focusing on the following key points:

A return to the calendar year and insights into PGA Tour’s 2024 schedule, indicating potential shifts and exciting events in the coming year.

Introduction of a “third-party special advisor,” Colin Neville from Raine Group, to provide valuable guidance to players and the tour.
Formation of a search committee, led by players Patrick Cantlay and Webb Simpson alongside PGA Tour Policy Board members Mark Flaherty and Mary Meeker, to fill a vacant board seat.

Discussion on player compensation tied to the tour’s new commercial business partnership with the Saudi PIF, promising significant financial benefits.

We explore the establishment of a task force aimed at creating potential pathways for LIV players looking to reapply for the PGA Tour in the future. This initiative showcases the PGA Tour’s dedication to player development and growth.

Global Expansion and Greg Norman’s Insights

Shifting our focus to the global landscape, we dissect Greg Norman’s recent press conference, where he outlines exciting pathways for growing golf worldwide.

LIV’s investment of $300 million into Asia to foster the sport’s expansion in the region.

Noteworthy trends in golf course construction, with 65% of new courses being developed in Asia.

Addressing the age demographics of golf viewership, with plans to lower the average age of PGA Tour viewers through strategic initiatives.

As we wrap up this episode, it’s evident that the world of professional golf is undergoing dynamic changes. Tiger Woods’ role on the PGA Tour Players Advisory Board, insights from Jay’s memo, and Greg Norman’s vision for global growth all contribute to an exciting future for the sport. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis on This Week In Golf. Thank you for joining us!